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Termites: True or False?

February 16 2021 · By Root Home Services

Like all pests, termites come with its own host of myths and misconceptions. It can be hard to filter what’s true and what’s false.

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Termites are highly social insects, living in large colonies with overlapping generations. As a group, they support the children to help ensure a high survival rate.

In nature, termites can be beneficial, breaking down dead trees and recycling the biomass into the soil. In a home, however, termites can wreak havoc.

Like all pests, termites come with its own host of myths and misconceptions. It can be hard to filter what’s true and what’s false.

Termites are a part of the ant family.

False! They can be mistaken for each other, but termites are an entirely different insect group with very different lifestyles including food sources. Ants will bring almost anything that could be a food source back to the colony , while termites focus on fibers and plant matter to bring to their colony.

Termites can eat through concrete.

False! Depending on the termite, it can digest lots of different kinds of fibrous plant matter, but never a rock or concrete. Different species will feast on cellulose, burlap, wallpaper, wood, and even insulation. Concrete is not a satisfactory barrier against termites, since foundations and sidewalks can contain cracks where the insects can squeeze through to set up their colonies.

Deforestation destroys termite colonies.

False! Losing wildlands displaces all animals who used to inhabit the area. Termites will seek out new food sources in sustainable areas, which may include a house. Homes near recently cleared land should seek a termite inspection since they are at a higher risk. After the initial inspection, an annual follow-up is advised.

Once treated, I’ll never have termites again.

False! Like with all pests, termite inspections are crucial to keeping your house well maintained. An inspection can catch termite activity early on and reduce or even eliminate potential damage costs to a home.Termite inspection should be performed at least once a year to be most effective.

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