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Bug Facts

Venomous Spiders in Texas

February 19 2021 · By Root Home Services

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There are only two kinds of venomous spiders located in Texas.

Both have the potential to be found near homes, indoors and outdoors, throughout the state. Neither spider is aggressive, but will bite when accidentally trapped, disturbed, or threatened.

Black Widow

Black Widow

Perhaps the most famous dangerous spider in the United States, the black widow is easily identified by the reddish or yellowish hourglass symbol on its abdomen, with the rest of the spider’s body being jet black in coloration. The black widow is aptly named for consuming its mate after mating. They are frequently encountered in woodpiles, boxes, outdoor toilets, meter boxes, under eaves, and other undisturbed areas.

The venom is a neurotoxin that can lead to severe systemic (or full-body) reactions, and in rare cases death. The spider’s venom is reportedly fifteen times more toxic than the prairie rattlesnake. The most severe reactions are found in children and elderly adults.

Brown Recluse

Brown Recluse

Golden brown in color with a brown or black fiddle-shaped pattern on their head, the brown recluse is also found in dark, undisturbed areas such as basements and garages. They enjoy hiding between boards and boxes, as well as in old towels and clothes.

Their venom has necrotizing enzymes that can cause local reactions to the injured area or systemic, full-body reactions.


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