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How to Rid Yourself of Armadillos

February 16 2021 · By Root Home Services

Found a 'Dillo?

Armadillos became Texas’s small state mammal in 1927. They live throughout Texas except for the Trans-Pecos area.

About the size of a small dog or large house cat, armadillos weigh from five to fifteen pounds. They have nine narrow and jointed armor bands, which is used to protect them from hungry predators.

When an armadillo is hungry on the other hand, they use their powerful claws for digging up insects and larvae in the dark hours of the night. The softer the ground, the easier to dig--you may find evidence in your yard. They enjoy burrowing, whether to make a den or to find their meal.

If you do find an armadillo in your yard, you have a few options.

Backyard Fence

Build a Fence

Armadillos are sturdy little fellows, but aren’t able to squeeze through holes due to their iconic bony exterior. Their talent to dig, however, allows them to burrow below most traditional fences. To deter armadillos from your yard, you will need to make sure your fence has few gaps and buried at least a foot into the ground. This is the most expensive option.

Armadillo Standing

Eye-Stinging Scents

It’s rumored that armadillos avoiding digging in areas that smell bad, due to their sensitive noses. Vinegar or ammonia soaked rags are suggested to keep them away, but there is also anecdotal evidence that the armadillos throw them out!

Armadillo in the shade

Trap Them

The last suggestion is to trap the critters yourself. Typically earthworms or mealworms are good lures in a large or extra-large trap. You can place the armadillo trap near a burrow entrance or near the damage in your yard.After placing, check your trap frequently to prevent escape.

If you do catch your armadillo, you will need to wear protective gloves. Armadillos are one of the only known animals known to contract and carry leprosy. Contact Texas Wildlife for information about relocating the animal.


After the ‘Dillo

After the armadillo leaves, be sure to reduce attractants, such as removing brush piles, cleaning up fallen fruit, and treating for insects and grubs.

Or you could let us do it.

Of course, there is an easier option, where you simply send a text to your trained pest control experts and they’ll take care of the stress of trapping, removing, and preventing armadillos.


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