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Root Home Services is here to help. Whether you want to DIY your pest control, window cleaning, or other home chores or if you want to hire us – we want you to be informed.

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Black widow eating

Did a Spider Bite Me?

Many factors influence a victim’s reaction to a spider bite: the location on the body that was bit, the amount of venom injected, the depth of the bite, the victim’s age, and a variety of other variables. Many times, the bite feels like a pin-prick and may not be noticed by the victim at all.


Ants in Texas

Ants. They all annoy us, whether they join our picnic or find that one crumb under the cabinets in the kitchen. Call Root Home Services to get them under control.

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Mythbusters: Ant Food

Acrobat Act

What Actually Works On Ants

Everyone has their own home remedies to get rid of ants. Are these DIY methods effective?

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