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Best pest control and lawn care from Austin to Waco

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Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control

Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control

As much as we love a well kept lawn, not everything that's green is good. If your grass has more crab than a seafood platter, give us a call!

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Best pest and lawn control services in Austin, TX

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Keeping your lawn healthy, green and weed-free!

With every service our trained technicians will:



Conduct a through inspection of your lawn to identify any common issues we find regarding turf disease, grass blades, root and soil that can impact the health of the lawn.

Diagnose & Plan | Root Home Services

Diagnose & Plan

Diagnose the issues we found in the assessment to determine the specific nature of your turf disease or weeds. From there, we'll develop a custom treatment plan!



Treat your lawn to fix the issues we found. We'll also treat the lawn to help it grow strong!



Put you on the schedule for your next visit! We'll check in closer to that visit to let you know which day and time so you can have peace of mind and keep your honey-do-list short!

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Lawn fertilization & Weed control

Our custom-made, tailored plan will implement strategies and treatments to get your lawn back on track to being a healthy, green lawn! We understand you want a beautiful, green lawn that you can be proud of - and also hopefully win some HOA awards! Using the latest, most effective fertilization and weed control methods, we'll ensure your lawn stays green and disease free all season long!

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Free Inspection

Do you have a lawn issue that you don't know how to handle? Need help identifying the type of pest or problem with your lawn? Set up a free inspection and we can put a game plan together that helps your grass grow green and strong!

What is your lawn struggling with?

We'll get you back to a healthy, green lawn!


It's no surprise that we've encountered some water shortages throughout the year. Usually when that happens, watering your lawn is one of the first things the county requires we cut back on. Without water, how can we maintain our lawns? Using some new treatments, we can help improve the soil structure and increase water retention during those stress periods!

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Not to be confused with Grubhub, these grubs live underground and slowly feed on the roots of your grass. They can cause your grass to slowly wither away, leaving unsightly brown patches throughout your lawn. If you think you're susceptible to them, or think you might have them, act quick before they munch on your entire property!

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Lawn Aeration

While we think it's really cool to dig a hundreds of holes in your lawn, we promise it's for good reason! These small holes allow the soil to loosen up, increase water, air and other nutrients that will allow them to go deeper in the root system of your lawn. Lawn aeration helps to promote a healthy, root growth and prevent thatch buildup. If you need help breaking up compacted soil, promoting better water and nutrient absorption - lawn aeration is the way to go!

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Lawn Fertilizing

Been struggling with getting that lawn green and healthy? Fertilizing is one the best avenues for providing rich nutrients it needs to promote a healthy lawn. By adding key nutrients, we can ensure your yard stays green and lush throughout the season! It's kind of like taking a multivitamin - your lawn needs it, and so do you!

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Lawn seeding

Did your lawn have a rough summer? Bare in some areas and thin in others? Seeding is the best option to get back on track and an important part in maintaining a healthy beautiful lawn. By filling in these bare or thin spots, we'll ensure that you don't have any bald spots on your lawn unlike my hairline these days!

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Ph Balancing and Lime

Let's go back to 7th grade science - who knew that Mrs. Johnson had it all right?! PH balancing your lawn is extremely critical and plays a significant role in the health and growth of your lawn. If it's too high or too low, it will affect the bio-availability of any key nutrients needed to promote healthy growth. By balancing the Ph level of your soil, we can help ensure your grass has the nutrients it needs to thrive. Thanks, Mrs. Johnson!

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If your lawn has more crab than a seafood platter, it's time to get it checked out! If left untreated, you'll have more crab than the Bering Sea! We'll address the weeds we find and prevent them from coming back for next season. You can save the real crabs for your next crawfish boil.

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Turf Disease

Is your lawn not looking right? If you notice, discoloration, thinning or patches of dead grass, it's time to get it looked at. If left untreated, turf disease can quickly spread throughout your lawn and cause serious damage to your grass.

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Do you have a more severe pests? Look at our specialty pest control section for a better idea of the other types we treat and prevent.

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The Award Winning Pest & Lawn Company in Austin, TX

Our thorough pest and lawn care solutions provide with elimination from, ants, fungi, roaches, spiders along with pesky weeds and more! Give us a call and find out how we can help get your home back on track. We serve all of Travis and Williamson Counties as well as Hays and Bastrop Counties.

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