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Best pest control and lawn care from Austin to Waco

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Everything is bigger in Texas - including pests

Pest Control & Exterminator in Austin, TX

At Root Home Services we love being a part of the community we provide services to. We help hundreds of customers in the Austin area protect their homes from invasive pests. Our family-owned company operates with the safety of your family and pets in mind by using a safe organic spray inside your home. For the outside, we offer both normal and organic options to create a preventative seal for the exterior of your home.

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Best pest and lawn control services in Austin, TX

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With every service our trained technicians will:

Hear you | Root Home Services

Ask & listen

Ask for any problem areas in the home or yard and hear if you have any other concerns. We like to say we cover from the front curb all the way to your back fence – inside and out.



Inspect the interior and exterior of your home to see any bug and pest activities. We look for any active or abandoned infestation sites for pests and for any potential areas that could become problematic.



Treat from your front curb to your back fence, addressing any issues or potential issues we've found. We also apply a protective barrier around your home to ensure that you have a shield protecting the things that matter most.



Put you on the schedule for your next visit! We'll check in closer to that visit to let you know which day and time so you can have peace of mind and keep your honey-do-list short!

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Regular Services

Our regular pest services includes everything except bed bugs, mosquitoes and termites. Everything. Summer bugs? Check! Winter bugs? Check! Root Home Services offers pest control that'll keep your home protected all year. With regular preventative treatments, you'll have a seal that keeps harmful pests from damaging your home.

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Do you have a pest issue that you don't know how to handle? Need help identifying the type of pest? Set up a free inspection and we can put a game plan together for treating your home!

The Standard Pests

Our standard pest control service treats everything except bed bugs, termites, and mosquitoes. Learn more about the most common pests.

Blue ant on white background | Root Home Services

Fire ants

Peak Season: Spring & Fall

Texas has a wide variety of ants, but fire ants are some of the more common and most damaging to your yard. Not only do these pests leave mounts and spread throughout your yard they can leave painful bites when you disturb the mound. Because of how invasive fire ants are notoriously difficult to treat on your own. The products we use for these pests get them at the root of the problem, their queen. This helps the colony die removing their leader. Do you have another type of ant causing you grief? We've got you covered whatever size or color these ants are.

Unlike other pests, fire ants are not seasonal and are a year-round problem. They are primarily active during spring when they start foraging and actively mating.

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Spider icon | Root Home Services


Peak Season: May-October. Activity is most aggressive during mating in August.

Did you know Texas has over 80 different species of spiders? Thankfully not all spiders in Texas are dangerous, but there are a few that are harmful to people. We keep that in mind and with every service we treat all problem spots, remove webs in an effort to discourage nesting and remove any venomous spiders found.

We offer free venomous spider removal for everyone. Simply text us a picture, and we will get it taken care of quickly.

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Roaches | Root Home Services


Peak Season: Year round

If you haven't seen a cockroach you're not living in Texas. These pests are amongst the most common throughout the state and should be treated immediately for good reason. Roaches are known to play a role as carriers of some diseases that can be transmitted to humans. To make things worse they create bad smells and reproduce at a rapid rate. No matter the type of roach you've got, we have a treatment plan that will remove and prevent them from returning.

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Rodents | Root Home Services


Peak Season: Year round

Some of the most clever pests we encounter on a daily basis. Rodents can enter homes through small cracks and gaps in the exterior of your home. We wouldn't be surprised if one day we find them on the American Warrior show for their incredible display of acrobatics and juggling they do to make your home, their home. They can cause damage by chewing through electrical wires, insulation and other materials.

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Scorpion | Root Home Services


Peak Season: End of March-End of Summer

Throughout Texas there are approximately 18 different species of scorpions; but only a few are found near Austin. One of the most common types you'll see is the Striped Barked Scorpion. Thankfully their venom has a low toxicity level to humans and most stings don't need medical attention. The scorpion’s native to Texas thankfully don't pose a serious threat to humans, but more of an irritation. Due to scorpions' thick exoskeletons and long life spans they can be difficult to treat.

Scorpion activity starts as temperatures rise near the end of March and they are most active through the summer while it’s warm. Treatment is critical prior to the winter months, as scorpions will begin seeking warmth inside homes.

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Fleas | Root Home services


Every 4 years the Olympics are on full display - but did you know fleas are worthy Olympic jumpers? If they were human sized, they would be able to jump over the Eiffel tower! Fleas spread through a variety of methods from wildlife or our friendly pets. They can quickly reproduce and spread throughout your home and yard.

Peak Season: Spring, Summer and Fall

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Earwig | Root Home Services


Peak Season: Spring & Summer

Did you know earwigs got their name due to a popular folklore that they would craw inside your ears and lay their eggs and feed on your brain. Fortunately for us, the legend has no basis! Earwigs prefer to be found in moist areas, tight areas such as plants, decaying vegetation, or bathrooms. Lucky for us!

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Stinging Insects | Root Home Services

Bees and wasps

Peak Season: Late Spring & Summer

Bees, which are often thought of as cute little honey makers, are dangerous if you've got a nest near or inside your home. Just like bees’ wasps are more dangerous due to their natural aggression and ability to re-sting you. If you haven't been receiving regular treatment for these pests, you'll soon see why it's needed. Being some of the easiest pests to spot you'll know it's time for a treatment plan or retreatment. Our regular service removes the nests to prevent these stinging insects from harming your pets and family.

Hives will begin activity near the end of April and have reached full force by June. However, hives are most aggressive around early September when the queen has left the hive.

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Got termites, bed bugs or mosquitoes? Look at our specialty pest control section for a better idea of the other types we treat and prevent.

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The Award Winning Pest & Lawn Company in Austin, TX

Our thorough pest and lawn care solutions provide with elimination from, ants, fungi, roaches, spiders along with pesky weeds and more! Give us a call and find out how we can help get your home back on track. We serve all of Travis and Williamson Counties as well as Hays and Bastrop Counties.

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