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Mosquito Control and Exterminator in Austin, TX

We deal with them, so you don't have to

Getting eaten alive? Let us stop you from being breakfast, lunch, and dinner for your local mosquitoes.

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About mosquitoes


Know where to look

The first thing to know about treating mosquitoes is to treat them where they lay and hatch eggs. Typically this is will always be in the very damp and wet parts of the yard. While it varies from home to home, for most people it's the low spots in the yard since water can pool and areas underneath large bushes where the heat of the day can't effectively dry the area.


Frequent treatments

Due to Austin's warm temperatures, mosquitoes are active year round. Mosquitoes have rapid reproduction cycle which makes treatment fairly frequent (more frequent than a regular pest control service).

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FAQs about mosquitoes

Why do mosquitoes bite humans?

Like most of us, female mosquitoes are just looking for food. They bite humans and animals to obtain the necessary nutrients they need to lay their eggs.

What diseases can mosquitoes transmit to humans?

Unfortunately, a variety of disease are spread through mosquitoes, to name a few are: Zika, West Nile, Chikungunya and yellow fever. Over the last couple years the US and Texas have seen increased spread of these diseases due to mosquitoes.

Do all mosquitoes transmit diseases?

No, some mosquitoes transmit diseases, but they all have the ability to transmit a variety of viruses through contact.

How can a Root Home Services help me with a mosquito problem?

We will use our expertise to identify their breeding ground, implement an effective treatment plan and put these to eliminate the infestation!

How can I prevent mosquito bites?

Best way to prevent bites is to protect yourself with some long sleeves and pants! Mosquito repellent helps along with avoiding being outside during peak mosquito activity times.

What are some natural ways to repel mosquitoes?

Some essential oils have been found to be helpful such as citronella and lavender! You can also wear long clothing.

How can I identify mosquito bites?

Itchiness is usually the first give away. Usually their bites are small, red, raised and can usually be found in clusters.

What should I do if I have an allergic reaction to a mosquito bite?

Seek immediate medical attention! You can also take some over the counter antihistamines and topical analgesic creams to provide relief for mild reactions.

How long do mosquito bites last?

This varies from person to person but usually a few days to weeks depending on allergic reactions.

What time of day are mosquitoes most active?

Best way to think about it is dawn and dusk but some species are active all throughout the day!

How can I get rid of mosquitoes in my yard?

The best possible way is to not make your home, a home for mosquitoes! Make sure your yard doesn't have any areas for water to pool.

What is the life cycle of a mosquito?

There are 4 stages to those pesky mosquitoes: egg, larva, pupa and the dreaded adult. This cycle usually takes 10-28 days depending on season.

Can mosquitoes breed indoors?

Yes, they usually find any type of flowering plan, your pet's bowls or any drains.

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