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Enjoy your sleep again

Bed Bug Control in Austin, TX

Bed bugs can be quite the hastle, but we keep it simple to keep you sleeping easy

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About bed bugs


Know where to look

It's bad enough to potentially share your home with pests, but sharing your bed with bed bugs takes the problem to another level. Bedbugs don't just draw the line at your bed either! They can make a home in your carpet or even your clothing. Frequently confused with fleas, bed bugs are small reddish-brown bugs. If you need to a second set of eyes, we're happy to help!


Fighting on Multiple Fronts

With any problem we treat for you, protecting your home and belongings is our first priority. This company value we take to heart especially when treating bed bugs, as the things that they can attach themselves to are things close to us, both physically and sentimentally. Our approach to treatment involves treating each target area uniquely to protect your home in the best way. This allows us to effectively treat the problem without causing any more potential damage to your possessions.

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FAQs about bed bugs

What are bed bugs?

Bed bugs are small, reddish-brown bugs. They unfortunately feed on blood via humans or pets. Typically they're active in the middle of the night, but can be found during the day dependent on level of infestation.

Are bed bugs dangerous?

Yes, they can be dangerous, if left unchecked - they can take over your home!

How do bed bugs get into my home?

Bed bugs can be introduced through infested furniture, clothing or other personal belongings. If you've ever bought anything from CraigList, Facebook Marketplace, a garage sale or a visiting family member - double check they didn't bring any bed bugs with them!

How do I know if I have a bed bug infestation?

There are several ways we can notice bed bugs in your home. Small dark spots on sheets or your walls is the most common symptom. They usually shed their skins, so you can find their remains near where they lived. Bites on your body is also always going to be a give away.

Can bed be eliminated on my own, or do I need professional help?

While there are DIY products available for treating bed bugs, these may not be effective in eliminating the infestation. It's recommended to seek professional help from a Pest control company, like Root Home Services, with experience in treating bed bugs.

What should I do if I find bed bugs in my home?

If you suspect you have a bed bug issue, please don't hesitate to contact us right away. You want to get ahead of it before they become a bigger issue. We'll provide some steps to prevent bed bugs and minimize their spread too!

How long does it take to eliminate a bed bug infestation?

Treatment plan lengths for bed bugs vary depending on the severity of the infestation and the type of treatment used. In general, we can get you bed bug free within a few days.

What steps should I take to prevent bed bug infestations?

To prevent bed bug from coming into your home, it's important to be cautious when bringing used furniture or clothing into your home. When you travel, please inspect your hotel room for signs of bed bugs.

Can bed bugs come back after treatment?

It's possible for bed bugs to come back after treatment. So please make sure anything you purchase that is used or second hand is thoroughly inspected!

Can bed bugs live in my car or other vehicles?

It's definitely possible for bed bugs to be found in any type of vehicle, especially if it's transported used clothing or furniture.

Do bed bugs only live in beds?

While commonly found in beds, bed bugs can be found in many areas of your home such as chairs, tables, furniture, etc.

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